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FRANCE TURBOT has earned an international reputation for the excellence of its products and its expertise.

Our experts oversee every step of production, from the egg stage to commercial spat.

France Turbot : Well born quality

  • Our spats are graded and selected throughout the growing process
  • Traceability guaranteed throughout the process, with batch identification records
  • One by one diploids and triploids
  • Uniform spat due to quality controlled grading in water.
  • Size ordered guaranteed for mesh sizes 4 to 14.
  • Packed in watertight polystyrene boxes to maintain the spat at the correct temperature in a moist environment  .
  • Pre-fattened spats are packed in heavy duty bags.
  • Freshness guaranteed with fast delivery within 24 hours after removal form water.
  • We ship to France and abroad


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Our facilities and the pre-fattening

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