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FRANCE TURBOT processing unit


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Having reached market size, the turbots are removed from the ongrowing tanks. They are sorted by hand based on weight and divided into homogenous categories prior to slaughter.

The fishes are caught to order.

After slaughter, they've got a rapid chilling in iced water to preserve all its organoleptic qualities, and then they are processed into steaks and fillets or dispatched whole.

The fishes are boxed less than 4 hours after slaughter.

Label Rouge Turbot is subject to strict controls on the cold chain from slaughter to sale.

Label Rouge Turbot is sold in the following forms:

  • fresh turbot, whole and not gutted 
  • fresh turbot, whole and gutted
  • pieces of fresh turbot: steaks and fillets

The turbot is identified, monitored and checked from birth to point of sale. The quality of the product signed FRANCE TURBOT results from the implementation of a procedure HACCP and a control of the whole activity.

Label Rouge Products freshness is guaranteed with a shelf life of 9 days for whole fresh turbot and a use date of 7 days for steaks. 


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