From the ocean to the table.

Turbot juveniles : a unique know-how

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Getting Label Rouge turbots required to be skilled in many different crafts :

  • reproduction,
  • fertilization,
  • growing sea plankton,
  • ...

Who could imagine that from 1 million milted eggs only 300 000 larvaes hatch out to eventually give birth to only 60 000 juveniles ?

Of high birth, the baby turbot is a gourmet at the very beginning of its life. It feeds from live preys  that are specially grown to be given it several times a day.

During the fourth month, they are sorted many times according to their and quality, aiming for a zero defect result. Homogenous batches are then formed. At this
point the juveniles weigh 8 to 12g, the weight at which they can be sent on to the growing farms.

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The hatchery benefits from an exceptional resource : an underground salt water intake from the ocean provides constant quality water on the whole production cycle.

FRANCE TURBOT is internationally recognized for its products and skills, since 1987. The hatchery is also the exclusive supplier of the label rouge turbot growing farms, who signed the strict specifications for the label rouge turbot.


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