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Created in 1987 by Michel Adrien, FRANCE TURBOT specialises in turbot hatching, fry and finished turbot and has its own packing station, supplying a market ready product.

In 2007, FRANCE TURBOT diversified its production and developed a business producing diploid and triploid Pacific oyster seed.

Its location on the Ile de Noirmoutier is exceptionally well-resourced, with its own underground reservoir of sea water refreshed direct from the ocean, ensuring a constant supply of high quality water.

FRANCE TURBOT has other production sites in Trédarzec in the Côtes d’Armor. New technology has been developed there, now extended to all the company sites, enabling turbot to be reared in recycled water. This provides optimum conditions for the turbot and minimises environmental impact.

FRANCE TURBOT annually produces almost 1.5 million fry. Its turbot finishing business represents a capacity of 400 tonnes a year.

FRANCE TURBOT achieves half its turnover from exports, principally within Europe, the USA and Asia, selling both fry and turbot (whole turbot and Label Rouge steaks). More about Label Rouge turbot.

Site of Noirmoutier (on the left), site of Trédarzec (on the right)

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