From the ocean to the table.

ARCOPA (ARmadores y COngeladores del PAcifico)


fishing activity in Peru

Captured species :

- Hake

- Anchovy

- Giant squid


production facilities

- Fleet and processing plant

- Fish meal factory

Established in 1993, ARCOPA S.A specialises in :

  • fishing and
  • processing frozen fish products.

Playing a full part in the Peruvian fisheries economy, ARCOPA is one of Peru's leading fish processing and freezing companies producing products for human consumption. It has been a major contributor to Peru's policy of diversification of the fisheries industry.

ARCOPA is located in Paita, in the north west of the country. It sources its raw materials using its own fleet of seven medium-sized trawlers and from the local artisanal fishermen.

Initially specialising in catching HAKE, ARCOPA has diversified its business with the production of surimi base using two common species, GIANT SQUID and ANCHOVY, becoming the leading company in this sector in Peru and the world's No.1 producer of anchovy surimi base. 

At the end of 2007 ARCOPA launched a fish meal and fish oil production line using the by-products of its freezing process, enabling it to extract maximum value from the raw materials processed into fillets and surimi base. 


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