From the ocean to the table.

Adrien's commitment

Our brandname is our identity, the link between the consumer and our company.  

Spearhead of the Groupe Adrien towards the distributors and the consumers, the Adrien brandname supports the whole values making the strenghts of the company : priority to INNOVATION and QUALITY mastering.

By presenting our brand on our products, we remain committed in providing quality products, answering to consumers and distributors requirements.

The main examples of our involvement on the path of progress by now are :

  • The development of a fishing fleet in Senegal, and Peru
  • The mastering of the turbot fry production
  • The transport of live turbot, without water, via air transport for long distance 
  • The creation of an industrial scale demonstration pilot for turbot in a recycling water circuit farm
  • The implementation of a fish meal production line using by-products of the freezing process in Peru
  • The involvement in a "responsible fishing and sustainable development" approach in Peru

    And the History of Adrien goes on…

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