From the ocean to the table.

Turbot range

Apreciated by the gastronomes for the flavor of its flesh, the label rouge turbot is acclaimed by France's leading Chefs. More than 60% of the production goes to top quality restaurants. The turbots are commercialised from 500g to 3kg and more.

More over, thanks to a unique know-how in the transportation of live turbot, consumers of the entire world can approciate the taste and freshness of the turbot coming from our farms.


  • WHOLE TURBOT : LABEL ROUGE TURBOT (from 500g to 3 kg), gutted or not
  • TURBOT STEAK : LABEL ROUGE STEAKS (many grades available)

3 possibilities :

  • Transport by container in water (deliveries possible at point A for point C towards most major European cities)
  • Airfreight transport package (30h chrono)
  • Transport without water in watertight boxes for shipments with a total immersion time less inferior to 24 hours


  • Whole
  • Steak or 1/2 turbot (turbotin)


More information on turbot :

turbot juveniles  the processing unit of France Turbot

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