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In 2006, France Turbot decides to use its hatchery expertise in a new area, oyster farming, and developed a business producing diploid and triploid oyster seed.

From spat to pre-fattened juveniles, a wide range suitable for all mesh sizes :


The oyster seed





We have two hatcheries and two nurseries dedicated to producing oyster spat.

Strict health control systems are implemented in the hatchery in terms of water quality control as well as working methods in order to provide a stress-free environment for the oysters.

In the hatchery, specialized teams ensure :

  • Selective breeding : the maturation of genitors, selected based on growth and survival performance.
  • Larval growth : it's the first part of oysters life. During this period, only the best performing larvae are selected.
  • The micro-nursery : This transition phase, during which the larvae attach themselves to a substrate and become spat, requires great care and highly specific expertise.
  • Phytoplankton growing rooms: this food is grown at our hatchery and selected for its nutritional qualities.

Our top priority is to produce superior quality larva at the end of this stage.

Then the spats are transfered in nurseries. The two nurseries are composed of outdoor basins supplied with water of the sea surrounding Ile de Noirmoutier island. This rich water promotes spat growth in their naturalenvironment. Outdoor phytoplankton farms provide additional food. The spat are graded and selected throughout the growth period.



A portion of the production is pre-fattened in beds to offer oyster farmers a wider choice. At France Turbot, we use innovative pre-fattening methods to provide superior service :

- Bleu Thau Mat, France Turbot’s spat distributor in the Mediterranean, also offers pre-fattened oysters.

- France Turbot, Guieau and Caliplast pooled their expertise and created the company F.T.G.C. to develop and sell net cages to be used at sea.


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