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Giant Squid (Pota)

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The giant squid(Dosidicus gigas), also known as POTA, is one of the largest squid in the Ommastrephidae family. The species is one of the pelagic cephalopods in the south-east Pacific, and especially abundant in Peru.

It can be found both far out at sea and close to land.

This is a very plentiful resource, estimated by IMARPE (Instituto del Mar del Perú) at over 3 500.000 tonnes

The catches are obtained by line fishing, and the activity is concentrated in northern Peru, between latitude 4°30’S (the town of Talara) and the sixth parallel (the town of Bayovar).  There are hundreds of fairly basic small boats crewed by five or six people, with a night’s fishing bringing in five to seven tonnes. The individual weight can reach 100 Kg and the average weight is about 30 Kg. 

The giant squid offers several applications :

  • surimi-base
  • fillets
  • mince

ARCOPA has implemented a unique know-how in the production of surimi-base for the food industry. The giant squid offers amazing qualities for surimi-base and appears as an innovative solution for the industry to optimize the surimi formula.

Scientific name : Dosidicus Gigas
Fishing area : Pacific ocean, FAO 87 area


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