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There are many hake species in the world : In the Atlantic ocean (France and Spain), in South Africa, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.  

It belongs to the white fish family and naturally lives on the seabed and ocean floor. 

After the collapse of the peruvian stock in 2003, and the closure of the fishery until mid-2004, the government, the Ministry of Production, the IMARPE (the marine research institute of Peru), and the actors of the fishing and processing industry join their effort to implement a sustainable management of the hake ressource.

IMARPE now conduct cruiser campaigns to assess fish population and the Ministry of Production regulates fishing. Many of the regulations and decrees apply to the hake fishery and control fishing period, fishing areas and total allowable catches.

After the reopening of the fishery in 2004, the Ministry of Production assigned individual fishing quotas, valid for a year.

The conditions of production were improved :

  • respect of the cold chain,
  • improvement of the process,
  • training,
  • information and retention of staff,

...allowing a better utilization of the raw material.

The hake is caught by our fishing fleet, with bottom trawling. They are processed in our plant and presented in PBO fillets, mince, cubes...etc.

Scientific name : Merluccius gayi peruanus
Fishing area : Pacific ocean,  FAO 87


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