From the ocean to the table.

History and know-how of ADRIEN GROUP

It was in Dakar, in Senegal, that Michel ADRIEN got his start in 1957. A native of the Ile de Noirmoutier, the son and grandson of sailors, the young fishing boat skipper came in search of tuna for the French market.

He fished sardinella for the local population and prawns and sole for the international market.

In order to be closer to the end consumer and to strengthen his position in Europe, and also to increase awareness of the products caught by his trawlers, he set up :

The GROUP's global strategy, "from Ocean to Table" was underway.

1986In 1986, he set off on a new adventure, not dissimilar to his 1957 quest. More than just a search for diversification, it was his vision of the medium and long term future of the fishing industry which led Michel ADRIEN to go into AQUACULTURE.

Following three major investment projects on the Ile de Noirmoutier and in Brittany, FRANCE TURBOT became the world leader in controlled breeding of Turbot. Since 2002 its turbot has held Label Rouge certification for its taste quality.
1992In 1992, PERU was ready to open up to the world, and the ADRIEN GROUP had an opportunity to establish its business at the centre of the world's best fishing stocks.

Michel ADRIEN took up the challenge and for the third time he launched himself into a fascinating adventure: he established, near some of the richest fishing grounds, ARCOPA, specialising in fishing and fish processing, and since 1999 in the manufacture of surimi-base.

2007In 2007, he decided to turn its hatchery expertise towards the oyster farming industry. France TURBOT completes its range of competencies with the production of oyster seed.


Today, Michel Adrien, and his children, keep focusing the ADRIEN GROUP strategy on its main competencies :

 fishing and fish processing in Latin America.
 turbot farming and oyster farming on the Ile de Noirmoutier


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