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Fishing : anchovy, giant squid, hake


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In 1992, PERU was ready to open up to the world, and the ADRIEN GROUP, with its 35 years of african experience, had an opportunity to operate in the center of one of the world's best fishing stocks. Michel ADRIEN took up the challenge and settled in Peru in 1993.


Its subsidiary, ARCOPA, is specialised in fishing and fish processing, on three major species : anchovy, giant squid and hake.

PERU, one of the world's most productive fishing zone, has implemented a careful management of the ressource (fish quotas, fishing break), along with the IMARPE (Instituto del Mar del Perú), the Ministry of Production, and the “Paita Corporation”, which brings together hake fisheries and processors involved in SUSTAINABLE FISHING.

The most abundant specie is anchovy, with a biomass assessed by the IMARPE around 8 millions tons, before the giant squid (3500.000 tons). The third specie being the hake (about 200.000 tons).

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