From the ocean to the table.

Aquaculture: Turbot and Oyster Seed


Turbot production

Our oyster seed hatchery



More than just a search for diversification, it was his vision of the medium and long term future of the fishing industry which led Michel ADRIEN to go into AQUACULTURE and TURBOT PRODUCTION in the 80s.
Faced with the increase in the world populations, fishing will not be able itself to provide for the growing needs of humanity.

Following major investment projects on the Ile de Noirmoutier and in Britanny,  FRANCE TURBOT discovered the controlled hatching and developed a real know-how first for turbot. Since 2006 FRANCE TURBOT used its hatchery expertise in oyster seed production.

Specialized teams are in charge of all the steps of the production. They had to create all from the very beginning to developp responsible and efficient breeding techniques.

Keeping its strategy of permanent search for innovation, the Adrien Group invests regularly in the improvement of the techniques :

  • development of a test unit with recycled water,
  • shipment of life turbots without water,
  • development of a fish meal using by-products of the freezing process in Peru for the fishes feed….

What more fascinating than seeing the birth of baby turbots and a job oriented towards the Future ?

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